Winter Tire Safety

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Winter Tire Safety

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As a driver, you'll need to practice winter safety while spending time travelling during the colder months of the year. Using the right tools and performing car maintenance can prepare your vehicle to drive in the rain and snow. Preparing yourself and your vehicle can offer peace of mind as you spend time in the driver's seat while also reducing the collision risk.

Keep Calm

It can be easy to feel stressed and panic if you hit a patch of black ice or your car starts to hydroplane. Make it a point to keep calm and remain composed if you're driving on a slippery road. Consider downshifting the gears if you have a standard transmission if you need to slow down. Using the brakes can cause you to lose control of the vehicle.

Clear Off-Ice and Snow

Before getting into your vehicle, it's essential to remove any ice or snow present on the car; this can help with your visibility. Remove snow on the hood of the car and ice from the windows. You'll also need to clear the headlights and taillights of any snow to make it easier to illuminate the road and make your car visible to other drivers.

Maintain a Safe Distance

Avoid following the car ahead of you too closely, which can cause you to slam on your brakes and get in an accident while on a slippery road. Give yourself enough time to stop and brake slowly to avoid hydroplaning. Knowing winter tires and install them when the temperatures drop can also prevent you from sliding on the road.

Use Extra Caution in the Rain

When you're on the road in the freezing rain, use caution to avoid hitting black ice. Don't use the brakes too much and give yourself extra time to commute. You can also help prevent accidents by driving and maintain your focus on the road. Using winter tires in the rain can also increase your traction on slippery roads.

Plan Your Route

When planning your drive, only use main roads and be sure to remain visible to other motorists by using your headlights. Watch for any type of movement you may spot on the road.

Contact Wendell Motors service center to install winter tires and new parts to practice winter tire safety. We can also inspect your car and top off the fluids to prepare it for harsh weather conditions.