Jeep Weekend Getaway Form Submission

Rules and Regulations
Contest Eligibility
The Wendell’s Weekend Getaway Contest is open only to legal residents of Ontario who are at least 21 years of age at the time of entry and possess a valid G class Ontario License. The person whose name is on the entry form will be considered the primary driver and must choose a secondary driver for the weekend that is also at least 21 years of age and possess a valid G class license. To be eligible you must agree to visit the Wendell Motors dealership the week of your awarded weekend to process the appropriate paperwork and sign the waiver form. The primary driver will be required to participate in a driver’s abstract. To be eligible you must agree to take the Jeep ONLY to the destination originally stated on the contest entry form. Employees of Wendell Motors are not eligible to participate. Wendell Motors reserves the right to refuse any person not fit to legally take the vehicle for the weekend.
Overview of the Contest
The submission for entry to the contest starts October 7th and ends November 12th . However to be considered for the October 29th  weekend for example, your entry must be submitted by Sunday Prior. The same goes for the following contest weeks, your entry must be submitted Sunday at 12:00A.M. to be considered for the following weekend.
The winner will always be announced and contacted the Tuesday at 12:00 pm before the following awarded weekend. The winner must respond by 5:00pm that Wednesday or they will automatically forfeit their prize to another eligible participant. Once the winner is contacted and confirmed a date will be set that week for the winner to come into the Wendell Motors dealership to process the appropriate paperwork, sign the wavier and meet the contest administrators. The following Friday the winner and contest administrators will set a time for the winner to come into the dealership to take possession of the Wrangler and participate in a send off celebration.
If you have been awarded the weekend of October 22nd your name will be announced and you will be contacted by October 18th.  If you do not respond to the prize by 5:00pm that same day your weekend will be awarded to another eligible participant.
In the event that you did not win in your preferred weekend selection as stated on your contest entry form you can be re-added to the contest for another weekend. Each week there will be predetermined tasks for those who wish to be considered for another upcoming weekend getaway.
Which weekend you are awarded will be partially based on the preferred and specified destination and associated date originally stated on the contest entry form. ( E.G.) Snyders farm for October 22nd weekend)
Participants will be judged based on their enthusiasm for Wendell Motors and the Jeep Wrangler on the contest entry form, as well as their expressed enthusiasm for the weekend getaway and how the Wrangler would help benefit the trip. Participants will be also judged based on their level of engagement on the Wendell Motors Social Channels.