Wendells Offers Exclusive Walkaway Insurance Coverages

The Wendell Way is a unique insurance provided through WalkAway Protection and underwritten by TRISURA and Empire Life, which allows you to return a vehicle from Wendell's if your employment, driver's licence or health circumstances change.

That's right, for the first year of ownership you have the option of returning your Wendell's vehicle, and cancelling up to $7500 in debt, if:

  • You lose your job
  • Become disabled and unable to work
  • Lose your driver's license
  • Become diagnosed with or die from a critical illness acquired since the vehicle was purchased
  • Get transferred to a job in another country

So if you're looking for a new or previously owned vehicle and want to be sure you're protected against the unexpected, come to Wendell's where you'll get:

  • The vehicle you want
  • The customer experience you deserve
  • The security and peace of mind you need
  • For further details, contact our Business Office.

WALKAWAY Finance Protection:

WALKAWAY Finance Protection is a unique product that provides consumers with the financial flexibility they need when an unexpected life event occurs. It offers consumers a cost-effective way of structuring their automotive lease or finance contract so they have flexible options in a time of need. This product is the world’s first vehicle return program and has pioneered a new industry. WALKAWAY Finance Protection products help people get out of vehicle loans and leases when they experience one of the life events the program covers.

WALKAWAY Total Loss Protection:

If your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair, your primary auto insurer may choose to write your vehicle off and pay you an amount equal to the market value of your vehicle. In some cases this payout won’t be enough to cover the balance of what you still owe on your auto loan or lease. This is often the case if you've financed for a long period of time, added debt from a prior auto loan into your current auto loan, or if you have a high interest rate on your loan. This is where WALKAWAY Total Loss Protection can help. It's designed to reduce or eliminate the balance owing on your auto loan or lease after applying the payment from your primary auto insurer.

The Wendell Way - available only at Wendell's.