Your Car’s Exhaust System Could Be Leaking

Hearing a whistling sound coming from the tailpipe can be a little unnerving. Something is probably wrong. Otherwise, the whistling wouldn't likely occur. Even with such a warning sign, many vehicle owners might dismiss things. "The car runs okay," they say. What they don't realize is there may be leaks in the exhaust system. And that warrants an inspection.

Since the car's engine involves internal combustion, thermal expansion and contraction occur. Both occur when you start then engine, and they generate stress on the exhaust system. The stress can create small leaks. A thorough look at the exhaust system could pinpoint any leaks. Experience does count when performing this step.

Other signs can tell a troubling story about the exhaust system. Reduced gas mileage and vibrations may indicate a problem, too. Be mindful of them.

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