The Mopar Tire and Wheel Protection Package for Road Hazards

Your Chrysler sedan, SUV, or minivan is the prime transportation for your family. Without it, access to daily activities becomes limited. Particularly when the tires go flat or the wheels are damaged due to road hazards. If the funds aren't available to repair them, then you need to find other means of transit.

However, with Mopar's Road Hazard Tire & Wheel Protection Coverage, the repair on your vehicle is much quicker. No matter the road hazard, the program covers all costs, including the deductible. Furthermore, the important act of mounting and balancing is also handled. All that's needed from you is to have your vehicle towed to the dealership. Up to $100 is covered for that action.

Release the stress of unexpected tire and wheel repairs with the Mopar road hazard plan for wheels and tires. Contract your dealership's service center to learn more and sign up . Your ride will be much smoother.