Take a Look at the Technology Features on the Dodge Charger

Technology has really come a long way recently when it comes to vehicle design. When you look at popular mid-size sedans, you will find the Dodge Charger near the top primarily because of how fun it is to drive. There are many added features that make it very convenient as well.

The push button start feature has become especially popular. As long you have the fob with you, the doors open and lock with a simple touch. When you are inside, no key is needed to start the engine. Just push the button and then prepare to go.

Drivers also appreciate the adaptive cruise control with its added stop feature. Setting the cruise control has never before been so convenient. The car will automatically throttle down and adjust the brakes when you are too close to a car. These features and others are best experienced when you test drive the Dodge Charger at Wendell Motors.